• VM Support

    UC-Analytics by aurenz as well as AlwinPro UC-Edition are installed on Microsoft Windows systems. Whether these systems are operated physically or virtually is basically irrelevant.

  • What are the minimum requirements / recommended system resources?

    You will find detailed information about the hardware and software requirements as well as recommendations in our document:

    Minimum requirements

  • Current and supported versions of the UC-Analytics by aurenz and AlwinPro UC-Edition

    Current versions and still supported versions can be found here:

    To our versions

  • When should one carry out a data deletion by the Swyx Analytics?

    There are several scenarios where data deletion may be appropriate. For example, if you change the report by number or name in the data source. If you have forgotten to set up a hunt group or if you have set up a hunt group incorrectly and already imported data, it is also advisable to carry out a data deletion.

  • How to activate the license of aurenz products

    The fastest and most comfortable way is to activate your aurenz software online. Alternatively, you can activate your products by phone - please follow the instructions in the Activation Wizard.

  • What are DynamicTeams?

    DynamicTeams make it possible for users to conveniently log in or out of groups, and authorized users can do also this for one or several users. Also a call list is available for the respective groups in order to attend to for example missed calls centrally in the team. This feature is currently only available for SwyxWare/Netphone, Cisco UC Manager and innovaphone.
    The operation for the users takes place via the WebSuite or directly in the Swyx SwyxIt! (Web Extension), Cisco Jabber or innovaphone MyApps.

  • How to get support?

    We provide various video tutorials on our website:

    To our Tutorials

    For support requests, please contact your aurenz partner directly.

    If you have concluded a maintenance contract including support with your distributor, please send your question including your serial number by e-mail to support@aurenz.de or call us on the following number: +49 7021 73888 33 (weekdays between 08.00-17.00 CET.)

  • What is the difference between a report by name or by numbers?

    In a report by name, several numbers are grouped by the user name. Any change to the name results in the creation of a new extension in the Swyx Edition by aurenz, which requires another license.

    In the report by number, each individual number is evaluated separately, which may possibly lead to a higher and unnecessary use of available licenses.

  • What is record monitor?

    The record monitor is a function in the data record to control and test the records received from the aurenz software. In the monitor you can see every single record and how it is interpreted by the aurenz software. Open the record monitor in the system tray icon via data acquisition and then through the menu: telephone systems.

  • Why do I still need the classic interface?

    The classic user interface contains the user administration and the basic settings.

  • What is the licence key, the activation code and the activation number and where can I find these?

    The licence key contains the functional range and license number of your aurenz product.

    The activation code is required for manual activation (telephone or e-mail) of your license in order for the software to operate.

    The activation number, in combination with the serial number, is needed to calculate the activation code.

    We recommend using the online activation, as no manual intervention is necessary here.

  • What is UC-Analytics?

    UC-Analytics is an analysis-tool for optimizing corporate communications. The successor to the TwoInOne, which unites AlwinPro and Anna4 in one, shows its strengths in improving accessibility, ringing time and efficient cost control.

    To the product site

  • Where can I find my serial number?

    You can always find your serial number in the Menu "?" under "About ...".  Please always include the serial number when contacting us.

  • How does an upgrade work?

    Before upgrading, you should review the minimum requirements for the new version, back up, secure, and make sure that your existing license for the new version is unlocked. In order to keep your aurenz software up to date, you need a software assurance or, if you have a Swyx Edition, an update voucher.

  • What does the Software Assurance cover?

    A software assurance includes all needed security, feature updates and all new major releases of your aurenz software. Neither installation support, nor further support is included, for this please contact your aurenz distributor.

  • How does the user / evaluator get a hold of UC-Analytics?

    You can configure and run the evaluations and analyses conveniently in your browser.

  • What is the dashboard and how do I reach it?

    The Dashboard is a collection of individual widgets in UC Analytics. It can be opened in the Web Suite on the right hand side. It slides over the background. Each Web Suite user has its own dashboard.

  • What is a WebSuite?

    The WebSuite is the user interface of the UC-Analytics & AlwinPro UC-Edition software. It is operated by browser. No installation of special programs is necessary.

  • What features are included in the WebSuite?

    The complete operation including the organizational chart and its administration as well as the reports, the creation of new reports, and the execution of these are part of the Web Suite. The UC-Analytics also includes the service of the DynamicTeams in the Web Suite.

  • Are certificates used in UC-Analytics?

    The Web Suite uses SSL certificates for HTTP encryption. By delivery it is technically conditional to self-signed certificates. On customer request these can be exchanged to customer-specific ones.

  • What is a Widget?

    The word is a composition of widow and gadget. A widget is a report that can be viewed on the dashboard.

  • What are the advantages of the UC-Analytics WebSuite compared to the classic interface?

    The UC-Analytics software no longer needs to be installed on every workstation because the access is web-based. Several reports can be made available as widgets on the Dashboard, individually for each user. The widgets on the dashboard are click-sensitive, providing more intuitive operation and enhanced functionality. The admin interface is separate from the user interface.

  • Which browsers are supported by the WebSuite?

    The current versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge are tested and functional.