Network provider tariffs

for UC-Analytics, AlwinPro UC-Edition and Swyx Edition

We offer our business partners and end customers the service of downloading current network provider tariffs. If your tariff is not included in the list, the aurenz team will manage this against a charge.

Below there is a list containing available rates. Please note that rates for Austria (A) do not include mobile phone numbers. However, the used mobile zones can be maintained independently.

No guarantee for correctness or completeness.


Important advice to the network provider "units": The network provider "units" does not carry out its own calculation. It basically overtakes all units, sent from the PBX to a set value. You must enter this value. To do this, select the menu item: File> Program Setup> Network Provider.

Now select the network provider "Units" and enter the value of the unit in the field "Price of one unit".

0900 - Service Numbers

Since 1 January 2006, value-added services in Germany can only be reached with the area code 0900x. The cost of the call can no longer be determined based on the phone numbers, as it is freely permitted to set tariff rates.

In order to still be able to charge a fee for value-added service number classifiers 09001, 09003, 09005 and 09009, a fictitious price has been set. However the price can only be calculated approximately.

In order to be able to calculate frequently used value-added services exact, such as the service number of a supplier, we recommend entering the unique 0900x number in the rate table with the associated tariff manually.

Directions regarding network providers with the abbreviation (Sr.T)

Network providers with the abbreviation (Sr.T) do not get premium-rate numbers (for instance information desks). When installing such a network provider, make sure that unknown numbers are calculated through your main network provider.

Adjust currency

All network providers rates are in Euro. Therefore you must enter euro as the main currency in AlwinPro to be able to use these rates.

Import Network Providers in AlwinPro

To import the network provider settings in AlwinPro, proceed as follows:

  • Open the network provider settings with the File> Program Setup> Network Carriers.

  • Create a new network provider with the new button or select an existing network provider to overwrite.

  • Click the replace network provider button and select the loaded network provider file.

You can now check the individual settings and make changes if necessary.