Our reports make your Unified Communication visible

The Swyx Analytics by aurenz is the perfect complement to your SwyxWare or NetPhone. Based on the generated call data in your SwyxWare/NetPhone, the Swyx Analytics offers different report options. Organise your corporate communication. Get the reports on your user friendly, personal dashboard, and use the information to optimize processes and ensure service quality. Determine peak-hours, plan your resources carefully, and use the reports to get the most out of your extended call routing. The software includes a full call-accounting solution that makes it possible to allocate costs accordingly. Not only call costs, but also working hours, equipment costs (devices) and services can be easily calculated.

Product screenshots

  • VisualGroups reporting

    VisualGroups reporting

    Extensive evaluations for queue management: With key figures like service quality and waiting time.

  • Categorically simple

    Categorically simple

    Add pre-configured analyses to the individual dashboard with just one click. sorted by topic, all nice and tidy.

  • Analyse hunt groups and extensions

    Analyse hunt groups and extensions

    Identify how many calls were accepted or lost and make sure to optimize your hunt groups.

  •  Utilization of voice channels

    Utilization of voice channels

    Determine your actual need for voice channels.

  • Analysis of resource utilization

    Analysis of resource utilization

    Identify bottlenecks or overcapacity and manage your resource planning.

  • Analysis of lost customer contacts

    Analysis of lost customer contacts

    Increase your service quality based on the accessibility analyses.

  • Analysis of ringing time - lost calls

    Analysis of ringing time - lost calls

    How long do the customers stay on the line? Create and configure drop groups properly.

The most important features

Looking at corporate communication

Our analyses and reports make the Unified Communication graphically visible. Optimization potentials are revealed and the service quality further improved.

At a glance:

  • VisualGroups reporting

  • Answered calls

  • Lost calls

  • Busy lines

  • Voice Mail
  • Discharged calls

  • Waiting and ringing time

  • Presentation as a live chart

  • Indicating trends

Key figures for the All-IP area

It is easy to measure the required number of voice channels. After the analysis, adjust the SIP connections as needed and make sure to always be available.

At a glance:

  • Determination of necessary voice channels

  • Utilization at peak hours

  • Average utilization

  • Cost determination via tariff tables

Fraud Detection

You are constantly on the safe side with the integrated alarm for defined events. There is an immediate notification about the event via for instance e-mail so that you are able to take quick counter measurements.

At a glance:

  • Call at certain times

  • Long lasting calls

  • Calls from specific areas

Call Accounting & Billing

Easy to calculate internal costs or UC services to third parties as a service provider.

At a glance:

  • Drill down to itemised bills

  • Billing of service, private and project calls

  • Mobile and landline invoice import, cost allocation and plausibility check

  • Detailed and summary reports

  • Cost centre accounting

  • Billing of clients

  • Freely definable rates via network provider tables including free minutes
  • Billing of device costs, services, IMAC (Install, Move, Add, Change)

  • Run reports automatically or on-the-fly

  • Freely configurable forms for reports using the form editor

Data protection

When creating and processing all data protection requirements are always taken into account.

At a glance:

  • Data protection packages with protection specifications, separated by call type

  • Allocation of data protection packages to subscribers

  • Customised encryption of relevant data

  • Individually adjustable protection settings

  • Delete or mask connection information: call, time, duration, destination number, location

  • Exempt connections to counselling centres

  • In compliance with the service connection regulations of the countries (Germany: DAV)

  • Switching between business and private

  • EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

  • Integrated user/role concept for different access authorizations

Further Features

  • Flexible export options

  • Multilingual (de/en/es/fr/it/nl)

  • Master data via LDAP connection

  • Data export for banks (SEPA)

Your advantages

  • Optimization of service quality

  • Even better personnel planning

  • Process optimization

  • Automatic distribution of reports

  • Easy to handle

  • Showing tendencies over longer periods of time

  • Control, monitoring and provisioning of hunt groups

Download of the full version

Download the full version for your purchased software. In the installation process, select "Full version" and the desired country configuration.

Current Release:

Download current Release

Trial Version

Testing with real data

Your customers want to test our software and import their own real data? No problem - download our current trial version. Select "Trial version" during the installation process and the software can be used free of charge for 60 days covering up to 500 subscribers. After purchase, you can easily convert the trial version into a full version, without losing the configurations and already collected data.

Download Trial Version


Testing with already integrated demo data

If you are not familiar with our software yet, do not hesitate to download our current demo version. It will convince you and your customers.

Download Demoversion

Best Practice

Ideal preparation of the Swyx Analytics installation

Below you will find all the information you need to prepare the installation of the Swyx Analytics ideally. What information is necessary, which framework conditions should be considered (for the infrastructure), which are the most important configuration points and where to find further information. Only available in german.

Best Practice - Installation Guide

Instructions for setting up the connection to SwyxWare:

Connection Description

Documented requirements regarding hardware resources, software components, firewall settings, ports, etc.:

Minimum Requirements

Please notice that the SwyxWare ECR has a significant impact on the CDRs. Please read the following document carefully, in order to know what you have to consider when designing the call routing for the statistics of the Swyx Analytics to achieve the greatest possible validity. Only available in german:

ECR Influence on Swyx Analytics

Template for hunt group-imports
You can use the program interface to import the configuration of the hunt groups. We have a template of the import file at your disposal. Format of the text file: $ $ $ . Only available in german:

Template for hunt group-imports

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