With the presence hub from aurenz you always keep the presence status of your communication platforms in sync.

The call routing in your telecommunications system is based on the presence status of the users. Calls should only be forwarded to available users. If two communication platforms are used, the presence status between the systems must be synchronized. With the Presence Hub from aurenz, the Microsoft Teams presence status can be synchronized with the presence status of your telecommunications system. Make sure that users who are in team meetings no longer receive calls on their softphone.

The aurenz Presence Hub is a cloud service and can be seamlessly connected to your Microsoft Teams tenant.

Insights into the Presence Hub

  • Bidirectional presence status sync in the direction of MS Teams and the direction of the telecommunications system
  • Aggregation of the presence status of all systems
  • Central SaaS solution, no installation required on the clients.
  • Status changes are received in real time via notifications, no polling of the status information!
  • User-based license model independent of the total number of users

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